In Loving Memory Of the late

Philip Joel Mandewa Cole


    At the Directorate of Science and Technology, PJ Mandewa Cole held the positions of Head of Project Design and Delivery, Lead Technical Strategist, and he was also an Associate at the Tony Blair Institute. He helped the Chief Innovation Officer and significantly influenced the growth of the nation. In 2014, the Lifeline Nehemiah Projects, under the direction of PJ, created frontline support plans that included educating the community of over 100,000 people, providing food and psychosocial support to over 12,000 quarantined people, and collaborating to build an Ebola clinic for 271 patients. He received the Queen’s Young Leader Award for his altruistic efforts. His dedication and leadership inspired many, and Sierra Leone mourns his passing together with the rest of the globe.continue to rest in peace 🙏🏾

    Life of the late

    Philip Joel Mandewa Cole

    Madda Kebbie Kai-Kai

    Gone but not forgetton


      Maada Kebbie Kai Kai, was a hardworking team member of DSTI who served in the capacity of project researcher. He worked on various projects such as EEMS and TSC Project. He was instrumental in the research and initial requirements gathering and project scoping of these projects. Maada was a family man and he loved everyone around him. He was a very charitable person and has his own charity organization in Kenema. Unfortunately Maada past away on December 13th, 2020. He is dearly missed by all at DSTI and May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace 🙏🏾